My Firefly Course

This is our "OG" mini-course. 

A couple years ago we were approached by a singer and therapist named Lynn McKracken who told us about a bright young girl she knew who passed away at the age of 7. 

In honor her, Lynn wanted to create a holiday where people would write to someone and either thank them for being a light or write a card to be a light in the world for someone who needed it. 

She asked if we might be able to help her.

We were getting close to deadlines with our Collections for the year, but Lynn's idea rang true with me (Leah). I was finishing up our "Look for the Light" Collection and Lynn's request just happened at the perfect time. How amazing is that??  I was SO inspired that  I designed not only a card, but also a kit of 12  of our cards and a mini-course of inspirational emails. Each email contained a bit of information from Lynn about the benefits of letter writing on mental health as well as a prompt to write to a particular person that month—6 to people who have inspired you, and 6 to people who could use a pick-me-up. 

On top of that, I created a community blog to share stories about our experiences sending these cards! (Not many people have written on it yet, but I'm hoping people will start, because I love hearing stories about snail mail. 🥲)

For a while now, the course has only been available via buying our "My Firefly Kit." 

But I realized that the emails would be amazing to get even if you didn't purchase the kit. 

So here are the emails to sign up for, zero strings attached! (If you do buy the kit however, the cards provide a really lovely and curated way to send a year's worth of metal-health-improving mail!)

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