Let’s be honest: birthdays are about the best reason to send a card–you get to tell someone what they mean to you, and that you are so glad they are alive and in your life. We keep a good stack of these around because it’s just so nice to have a beautiful card on hand when you need one

Thank You

Having a thank you note on hand always feels good. When you buy thank you cards from Tiny and Snail, the quality lets the giver know how much you appreciate them! A few of our thank you notes can be customized by the sender! 


Interactive greeting cards! These cards look AMAZING colored in. Get a little creative time in your day and the card’s recipient will be blown away when they receive your art and words in the mail!


Just the cards to send on a whim. Did you know that mail karma is a thing!? Every time I send out a card to a friend it seems like I get a card in the mail very shortly after. What if we made a commitment to writing just one card a week? That would be 52 people whose lives were made a little brighter because of you.

Love & Friendship 

Anniversaries, your partner’s birthday, Valentine’s day, or just simply a card to give because you love someone and it feels so good to let them know that in writing sometimes. These are the cards that we LOVE to send out to very special people.

Support & Sympathy

You could say Support and Sympathy cards are our specialty – we’ve had our fair share of trials and tribulations – first Leah/Tiny being crushed by a telehandler and ending up in a wheelchair, and then learning that our Dad had two rare types of cancer. We learned what makes a card that recognizes the pain but uplifts a person and helps them get through tough times. Many of these cards give a portion of the profits to  Spinal Cord Injury research.


Winter break is such a lovely time to curl up with a cup of tea and a card and write to someone. Whether you are writing an annual letter, or just a note to say “hi” because you can’t be with someone over the holidays, there is something very sweet about that intentional time. 

Best Sellers

These are the cards we sell all day, everyday.

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