How It Works

Here are the steps that will take place throughout the design process so you know exactly what to expect. Please note the “action items” – we can’t wait to get the ball rolling and team up to make some magic happen! :)

1) Have a consultation about your general vision. We’ve found this generally works best over the phone. ACTION ITEM: Please email us the best phone number to reach you and 3 various dates/times within the next week that could work for you. From there, we’ll set up a time to chat!

2) Client can send images they like and/or we can come up with a Pinterest board with ideas. ACTION ITEM: Are there particular images you love with elements of design you’d like us to potentially incorporate? Are there images that convey the general “vibe” you’re going for? Please email them to us!

3) Client views Pinterest board and picks out the images and/or elements of images he/she likes best. ACTION ITEM: You can let us know which images tickle your fancy by commenting underneath the specific image. The more specific you are about why you like something, the better direction it gives us.

4) We draft 3 quick sketches of potential directions and email them to you. ACTION ITEM: Email us back with which one you like best.

5) Client chooses sketch they like the best, then we do a more detailed sketch. If client okay’s, then we will do a final version. (Note: You can request up to 3 revisions during this phase. After that we will charge $60 per hour for any additional changes that need to be made.) Any changes to the design must be made in this last draft stage before the final version is created. ACTION ITEM: Email us your thoughts on the detailed sketch and either give the “okay” or ask for revisions.

6) We create a digital, print ready file of the artwork and submit the file directly to the printing company. We take care of everything so you can sit back and relax! ACTION ITEM: Go sit by a pool, preferably with a cocktail that has a fancy little umbrella in it, and think about the dreamy invites that will be coming your way!

7) We send the hand painted portion to you as a keepsake! (Though the final version will be half hand painted/half digital, so there won’t be any “original” of the truly finalized product). The printed items will also arrive straight at your door. Easy peasy, you’ve got something that has YOU written all over it and that your recipients are going to swoon over! ACTION ITEM: Prepare to get an avalanche of compliments from all your family and friends who receive your gorgeous invitations.

Still have questions about the process?

We know wedding invitations can be a big decision, so feel free to ask us any questions about the process, the possibility of your vision, or anything else.

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