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Abstract Set of 5 Instant Artful Envelope Stationery

Abstract Set of 5 Instant Artful Envelope Stationery

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When your friend finds one of these in their mailbox, there’s a 98% chance they’ll exclaim: “Okay, whomever sent this to me is my FAVORITE PERSON OF ALL TIME. This is the coolest thing I’ve EVER seen in the mail!" 
With this pack, you'll give five friends that joy.

Each Instant Artful Envelope has a full color front, and a blank back. The front is for the mailing addresses and stamp, and you can write a letter on the blank back side. Once you are done, you can fold it up, seal it with tape, and pop into the mail the COOLEST envelope your postie has ever seen!


<ul><li>printed on heavy, eggshell stock</li><li>space to write- 7"x10", folds into a 5"x7" envelope</li><li>blank backside on which to write with spot art at the top</li><li>printed locally in Milwaukee</li><li>requires only a regular “Forever” stamp to mail (if mailed in the US)</li><li>must be sealed on all edges with tape before mailing (so they don’t snag on the post office sorting machines)</li><li>comes with sticker seal to alert recipient to open the card carefully</li></ul>

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Robyn Harmon

Sorry I can’t spell on a review!! You are the best, Tiny and Snail (sorry, Grace)! Always excited when a new package arrives from T & S!!

Alex W.
works of art!

thick, high quality paper and beautiful colors! can't wait to send these soon :-)

Chris Gardner
Highest Quality!

My go-to writing utensil are gel pens or thin markers. The main problem with using these are that they tend to not adhere to smoother surfaces and either smear or wipe off completely.
But these letters/envelopes have that smoother feel but the ink holds! T&S said they strive to find materials that would work for a variety of writing implements and I think they’ve found pay dirt!!

Keep up the awesomeness!!

Kassi Jolley
So amazing!!

These are beautiful, artful, and so unique!! Can’t wait to mail them out!

Wendy R.
Make Mail Great Again!

Ok, lets be real. Getting (real) mail has ALWAYS been great, tremendous, huge. But these artful envelopes are MORE than just an envelope, you’re getting the best stationary and an envelope in one! Imagine if you could design the perfect piece of stationary for that one friend who has impeccable taste and style - now imagine that you have exactly that for all your friends and options for each of them. Because that is what these are - it’s the perfect way to say - ‘hey, just thinking about you!’ or ‘thanks for voting!’ or ‘way to get that vaccine even though your arm hurts a bit! Go Science!’ So basically all purpose, just what we need.

Get those hands a writing here - the only thing tiny we need in this nation is more Tiny (and Snail!).