About Snail

Grace (a.k.a. Snail) has loved snail mail for a very long time. She is a queen of "Thank You" notes. 

After college she taught for Teach For America in New Orleans for five years, and then began moving North/South every six months, traveling with her husband who is a golf instructor and needed to migrate with the seasons.

While moving every 6 months she began a blog, and discovered she loved illustration. She started an Etsy shop in 2016, selling individually hand painted cards. (Unfortunately this caused some Carpel Tunnel... which led to Tiny offering to help automate some things with a computer and printing...which lead to forming Tiny and Snail...so maybe the carpel tunnel was a blessing in disguise!)

Grace has had a love for mail art for a long time. She loves using catalogs to make envelopes, and has decorated literally thousands of envelopes with her "no wasted paint" rule (which you can hear about on "The Paper Fold" Podcast). She has come up with easy and delightful ways to customize envelopes over several years, so we are working on a mini-course to guide you through some of those techniques!

Grace is  CEO and covers the logistical side of Tiny and Snail, as well as being our packager (which gets mighty insane around launches 😜 ) She also does almost all of our photography, is the main person hanging out on our Instagram, and is really great at loose, whimsical art.

Grace lives in Milwaukee with her husband Bobby and dog Graham. When she is not hustling for Tiny and Snail she loves brewing kombucha and home renovation, which you can learn about on our Instagram stories. 

Cards that Snail has designed

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