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So beautiful with such vibrant colors. So fun to receive as a gift!

I do kind of wish they'd come with envelopes for the option of sending as a card.

Hi Kathy, so glad you loved them! That's a really good idea to consider for prints like this in the future—thanks!

Just the perfect card for all occasions

Do you need a card to have on hand for all of life’s occasions? This is that card. I have used it for everything from ‘sorry you had a bad day’ to ‘HALLELUJAH you had an amazing joyful something happen in your life’ and this is just amplifying it. Tiny and Snail cards are about the moments that are card worthy and those are every moment. And they have the cards for every moment. And this is one of those cards that could be sent for - you got it - just about every moment there is. When wouldn’t you want someone to send light? See? There you are, never. You always want there to be light. And as Tiny and Snail would say, look for the light. And this card takes that one step further and sends it right from you to that person. In EVERY moment. The perfect card. So do like I did and stock up on them. You’ll have every occasion to send it and be glad you have them on hand.

Love You Mom! Bundle
Cheryl Gibbs
Snail (Smile) Mail

Everything from the creative colorful shipping envelope to all the delicious details inside brought a smile to my face. There's absolutely everything I need to send a special card to a special someone in my life!

Outta This World
Virginia Peterson
Happy and Affirming

This card is so fun to give people! It is such an affirming card and can be used in so many ways. I have used it to send birthday wishes, to congratulate someone on a personal success, and to thank someone for something they have done for me (a task, a gesture of friendship, a hopeful message during a trying time).

Firefly Light
Virginia Peterson
Such An Uplifting and Meaningful Card

Telling someone they are and have been a light... to you, to the world, to their family, to an organization... is the most uplifting message someone could ever send. I can't think of a single person who would not LOVE receiving this card!!

Moon Moths
Jessica Glasscock

This beautiful, study card is so well-made and fun! You can either fill in the moths before sending, or offer it as a fun activity for your recipient. Tiny & Snail cards are so special when coupled with your words inside. Whomever receives this card from you will surely treasure it for years to come.

I can’t say enough good things about T&S

What is better than a well-made card that folds into an artful envelope? Nothing - the answer is absolutely nothing.

Tiny & Snail cards have quickly become my go-to for sending special snail mail to family, friends, or my international penpal. The quality of this card is superb, and the design is so vibrant and gorgeous. I purchased this particular card for my mom for mother’s day. I know she’s going to love it!

I also really must add that the customer service Leah & Grace provide is wonderful. They really care about their customers, and their products. I also really appreciate their helpful newsletters. I have used their tips for writing on more than one occasion.

The Light Shines
Beth Burns
Perfect sentiment

This card really spoke to me. I h bought to have on hand because I think it is a perfect card to send to someone needing a bit of hope. We’ve all been there. I especially love the blank inside of all the cards which leaves room for me to write.

Badass Tiger Card
Beth Burns
Badass card!

I love this card! The quality is great and it could be used for so many things! Someone fighting cancer, someone who accomplished a great goal or just because! Tiny and snail printed cards are wonderful!

Vivid and gorgeous colors!

I love the lushness and juiciness of Tiny & Snail illustrations!

Broken Pieces
Colleen Raley

I've used this card in a time of family strife and family split...very sad and stressful; I sent to other family members in support. I have also used it for sympathy card or other tragic events. Its the best when you don't know the words to use!! Thank you for this card!!

Magic stamps

A wonderful extra surprise to add to a special envelope.People love them

Artful Envelopes

I love having the whole collection and when planning to send a special message to someone being able to choose from all the beautiful envelopes just the right one for the person and the occasion. They are beautiful and have a joyous spirit. I know they will be kept and enjoyed.

These are the greeting cards I have always wished for!

For the first time in years, I enjoy sending cards out! These cards are beautiful, meaningful and created with love.

Very fun!

Great quality, super unique. I would LOVE to be the recipient of one of these!

So pretty

Super cute pop of color for small spaces, Love them!

Your Light that Lights
Jill Marshall

Beautiful card, with a beautiful message!💚


This set is absolutely beautiful. It was so fun to get a random variety and they all go so well together. Such an amazing deal and I will love them for years and years!!


Love this verse and the gorgeous artwork. Cards are super high quality and a pleasure to write in and send.

May You Flourish
Sue Doeden
Beautiful Multi-Purpose Card

This premium "Flourish" card is beautiful and unique. I've sent it as a birthday card and will soon use another one to send to a friend who is moving to a new home in another city. This really is a versatile greeting card. My order arrived quickly with smile-producing artwork on the outside of the package. In my opinion, there is only one issue with the Flourish card--it is so beautiful, you'll hate to part with it! I'll be ordering more!

Cute card!

This little card is precious! Can’t wait to tuck it into a bigger card for double the happy mail surprise :-)

Broken Pieces
Gorgeous Card & Sentiment

I have sent this a few times recently, unfortunately, as a sympathy card and every time the recipient has loved it. Highly recommend, especially if you have a close relationship to the person you are sending it to.

Airmail Postcard
So fun!

I love everything about these: the airmail theme, the postmark, the unicorn, they are so cute!! I also love the design of the back. The paper is great to write on, really locks in the ink. Did I put the actual stamp to the left of their “stamp”? Yes I most certainly did!

Love it!

These write or die chick postcards are so great I am keeping one to frame. Paper is great, no smudging & easy to write on. My biggest “dilemma” was putting the stamp on and not covering the awesome bone “stamp”. I know my friends will love getting them in the mail.

Perfect card for an in-between moment

I love that this pattern could be a birthday card, a thank you card, congratulations, miss you... but it can also just be: you are my friend, and I love you, and it's Tuesday and I thought you should know. That kind of honest, generous connection through letter-writing seems to drive a lot of T&S designs, and it is (for me) the draw of their brand.