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Digital Gift Card

Digital Gift Card


The easiest, most thoughtful (and delightful) gift they’ll get this Holiday!

Tiny and Snail cards are both  beautiful art and a delightful experience, and we want you to be able to share the full T&S experience with your lucky loved ones!

Get a gift card code sent to your email instantly when you purchase this item. You'll be able to write the code in a card, print it, or send via text message or email to your lucky loved-one. 

Any questions? Just ask us in the chat feature on our website. :)

What will you be gifting them? 

This Gift Card is Redeemable for:

📖 the fun and inspirational shopping experience on
🤗 the anticipation of receiving happy mail
🥳 the delight of the unboxing experience: shuffling through cards with beautiful artwork and inspiring words
🕊 the peace of sitting down to write with a cup of tea and some shortbread (or other treat of choice)
❤️ the emotional boost of connecting with someone in this simple and beautiful way
📫 The satisfaction of putting something in the mailbox
✨ The inner glow from thinking of your friend and how they will react to getting a card in the mail
🌎 The chance to reawaken to the magic of snail mail, and find a community that fosters the importance of writing to make the world a better place

You know the quality of the cards can be counted on and there’s enough variety in the designs, so you can be confident they’ll be able to find something they will love and use.

Since when has a gift card ever done SO MUCH?

Plus, you’ll be supporting:

  • the USPS
  • Craig Hospital Spinal Cord Research
  • One Tree Planted (a non-profit that does reforestation)
  • paper produced and and printing done in the USA
  • and a small business owned by two artist sisters (that’s us, Grace and Leah, and we’re so grateful! 🙌🏽 )

You can include a self-printed "gift certificate" in a card, along with a few words about how much the person has meant to you over the past year. 

(Don't have access to a printer? Simply forward them the email or text them the image and they will be delighted just the same!)

They will beam at the thoughtfulness and look forward to the experience of trying something new this coming year.

    How will I receive this gift card?

    You will receive an email from us that contains a 10 digit code. This will be sent to the email address you provide at checkout. This should be your email address (not the recipients.)

    How can I share this gift card with the recipient?

    You can either:

    forward the email,

    send it as a text message,

    print it out,

    or simply write the code in a card.

    Or, all four! We highly recommend giving it in a few different ways so it’s less likely to go missing.

    Will this gift card ever expire?

    No. So long as we are in business, the gift card should remain active. (So hopefully a very long time!)

    Can I share the cute graphic?

    YES! We make this available for download here. You can print this out at home and tuck into an envelope along with a card.

    Can I print this out at home?

    Yes! Download the file here.

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