Our Mission

Our mission is to help cultivate relationships by creating, sending, and selling high quality stationery that is uplifting and joyfully quirky. 

We create all of our own artwork and give credit where credit is due. All quotes are either our own original or used with permission and cited. 

Most cards are some sort of collaboration between Leah (Tiny) and Grace (Snail.) 

We believe that cards aren't frivolous in this tech world. Rather, they are the most intimate form of communication we have, and that is something to be treasured. 

We believe that our cards aren't finished until YOU fill them with words of love and send them in the mail. (Our biggest complaint is that people have trouble sending them because they love them so much!😂

We want to foster a love of writing letters because we know how powerful they can be for both the sender and the recipient. 

We've worked really hard on making our email newsletters fun and informative. 

We want you to be sending magical, meaningful mail! 

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