Who has been a gift in your life?

A Note from Lynn:

By now you have likely experienced a positive impact on your own well-being by intentionally connecting with others in a meaningful way and expressing gratitude each month.  

Studies have shown that even brief daily practices such as taking a break for two minutes to think about what you are grateful for can have a big impact on physical and mental wellness.

This is the card for this month →

"Sunflower Thank You."

Your mission for today:

Pull out that “Sunflower Thank You” card and write a note of gratitude to someone that comes to mind.  

Who has been a constant source of love in your life? Thank them for being there for you. Specifics and visualization are great for gratitude meditations, and they also make a thank you even more impactful for the recipient...so be sure to share a specific of memory! 

Handwriting things can imprint it on our brains so it can actually INCREASE our gratitude; an amazing benefit for our mental health. 

We'd love for you to comment as you finish these action steps! Who did you write to? 

Let's create community and be inspired by the stories of these cards and the people writing and receiving them. 

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