Music that's been inspiring me recently

This quote comes from one of the songs I've been listening to lately. 

I’ve been working steadily on the cards for this year, and when I do, I tend to listen to songs over and over. It helps me get into a meditative state — and when this happens, my hand just becomes a conduit for the art to come into the world, which I think is part of the secret sauce that makes Tiny and Snail what it is.

The songs I’ve been listening to are uplifting and fill me with awe and joy. They take my focus away from the business side of this endeavor and help me channel my love into the work. These songs make me think of certain people in my life and all of the people whom you will send these cards to.

Music is such a cool art form — the lyrics are specific yet broad enough that it can make you feel like the song was written for YOU. I aspire to make our cards like that. Cards that can break into the muck of life, help people know they are not alone, and help people dance through the pain.

Take a listen, and you might find some new favorite music. :)

(Or not! Music is not one-size-fits all, and that’s ok!)

Hear what I’ve been listening to:

Have you had a song on repeat recently? Share with us in the comments!

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Inside I’ll Sing by Shards and Isolation Choir


Thanks for the music and the inspiration!

Constance Krueger

Ruthie Foster- Brand New Day


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