My Firefly Community Board of Light

We wanted to create a space for you to share any stories of how writing these cards have affected you. 

Share with us stories of the inspirational people you are writing to. Share any revelations that you may have had, or how writing the card made you feel. It's also wonderful to hear about when your cards are received. This is a place to come and be inspired and to share the light! 

We know that the people who have committed to these 12 months are OUR TYPE of people! You believe in the power of the written word, in the magic of the mail, and feeding your soul and others'. What a place to be. We are amazingly grateful to get to be on this wild journey called life with you. 

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I’m so excited that the light is spreading through these beautiful cards, I’ve shared the kits with clients, mentors and friends and I keep hearing stories of how it has helped them to keep looking for the light as well as looking for ways that they can be a light to someone who is struggling! We need this more than ever! Thank you Grace and Leah for partnering with me to create this Gratitude & Connection kit, it has already made a positive impact on many people! In Gratitude,

Lynn McCracken

I sent a card with a tea bag and a “Grace Note” to a friend I hadn’t talked to in years. Her husband has been deployed for half of their daughter’s life and there’s a chance he’ll be deployed again three months after he arrives home. She called me last night and told me when she got the note she just cried. She said she was going through a particularly hard week and said that the note was so encouraging. She said it was so good to know she was loved and it gave her encouragement. She put the Grace Note on her fridge. I’m so glad I sent that card. It not only lifted her up, it rekindled our friendship – something I needed right now.


I am thrilled to be starting this with everyone!

Heather Eppelheimer

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