How to Write a Card for Your Mom That She Will Cherish

***This article is written as if you are writing to your mom, but "mom" can certainly be replaced with anyone you love and look up to!***

To get your creative juices flowing, the following list is some of our favorite things to include in a card for Mother's Day or Birthday Card for your mom. 

Writing down words of gratitude and affirmation are so important. Not only is it a great exercise for YOU—to really dwell in gratitude for your mom for awhile (which is proven to improve the writer's personal happiness!), but obviously it will mean SO much to them.

Don't be afraid to share the same memories or affirm the same traits for multiple occasions (Mother's Day and our mom's birthday are pretty much back to back—so I think our Mom gets a lot of the same content in her cards year to year!). But nobody gets tired of being complimented, especially in genuine and specific ways. The richer the details you provide, the more the recipient will want to read it over and over again and save it as a keepsake — AND the more it boosts you, the writer's mood too. 

Our cards are always blank on the inside because we want space for heartfelt and personalized messages from YOU, the sender. We believe that no card is truly complete without your handwriting and words of love. There is no way we can make your mom feel the way that you can make her feel!  

Below are 5 things to write about in a Mother's Day card or letter. 

Obviously these are just suggestions and jumping-off points. If the spirit moves you to keep writing about something, do it! You will never regret the time spent working on a letter.  So sit down with a cup of tea and a card. It's time to dig up warm fuzzies!

1. Thank Them

Start off the note with a genuine thank you. What has she done for you this year? Taken care of your dog? Babysat your kids? Talked on the phone with you? Sent you gifts? Provided moral support?

2. Share a favorite memory

Perhaps your “thank you” might flow well into a favorite memory of her. Did she help take care of your kids or cat? Do you have a favorite memory of her from when you were growing up? What kind of meals did she make that you loved? Did she share a love of books or gardening or music with you?

3. Compliment Her

What are her best traits? What makes her a wonderful mom? Is she always doing nice things for other people? Is she good at boundaries? Is she a good cook? Is she patient? Is she always reading interesting books?

04. Write a Blessing

What do you wish for her this year? Peace? Health? Sunshine?  

You could say something like: 

“I know these past few years have been tough. I am praying that you have fewer health issues this year. I pray that you get a lot of good writing in this year and are able to focus on the things you love!”

5. Finish the letter by tell her how much you love her

“You have always been there for me when I needed you, and I want you to know am here for you, too!  I truly treasure being friends with you. I love you so much!"

You may have run out of space for your letter, but that's ok! I often just grab a piece of computer paper and continue my letter. Then fold it up and stick it in the card! Unless you put a novel in there, it will probably be ok to just have one forever stamp on the envelope. If you're concerned, just add another stamp. :)

A few great cards for Moms

As a side note, We'd love to know what card you pick for your mom (or mom friend/sister/grandma) and why! If you want to share that when you checkout, we'd be absolutely thrilled to hear. :D We love knowing who are cards are being sent to and why!

We hope that writing this letter will bring you joy and peace. I know that not everyone has an easy relationship with Mother's Day, but I hope this blog post might help you find ways to acknowledge ALL of the important people in your life!

Happy Writing! 


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