Monthly Mantras Mini Course

We love mantras!

You may have noticed, a lot of our cards have mantras on them. 

        "Keep Dancing" 

        "Look for the Light" 

        "The more grateful I am the more beauty I see." (Mary Davis)

        "What is done in Love is done well." (Vincent Van Gogh)

Do you have mantras? Phrases that get stuck in your head and help you be a better person?  Grace and I both have this as part of our spiritual practices. Phrases of poetry that spend time in our minds throughout the days, and help us through the harder times.  

 After becoming a paraplegic, I was in the ICU and trying to keep my body moving like the doctors wanted me to.  One day while doing my arm movement exercises, I said, "You know? This would be alot easier with music!" So we turned on some Macklemore and started daily dance parties.  

 The words "Keep Dancing" started ringing through my head.  

 Those words not only got me to keep moving, but keep moving with JOY. Music has a way of lifting our hearts, and dance parties were medicine. (As were humor and watching Queer Eye.) 


 I've put together a mini-course for you! 12 emails that will send once a month, with a mantra for the month to focus on. I'll tell you what they mean to me, and you can tell me if they help you too! Come be inspired through our mantras and art.

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