Our Collaboration Process

In the beginning, we weren't sure what to do. 

Was it Leah's art that would be the "style"? She had gone to college and gotten her Bachelors of Fine Art.

Or was it Grace's style? She was the one that had started the greeting card Etsy store in the first place. 

When we stumbled upon the name "Tiny and Snail," we were certain it was right, because it captured us both equally. We'd somehow figure out how to incorporate both of our art. 

And when we laid aside the theoretical questions of who's style we were going to go with, and actually started MAKING ART, suddenly the process wasn't about WHO was "going to win," it was about HOW we were going to win, together.

Our most popular card ever was created in our first Collection (The Signature Collection) and is a collaboration of Tiny AND Snail. 

Snail (Grace) had the idea for the words, "You're a stardust and fireworks kind of magical." She had drawn some fireworks, but they were honestly feeling kind of well, not magical enough. So Tiny took a crack at it, and imagined a camping scene. The only thing was, when she tried to draw fireworks, they weren't very exciting. So Tiny asked Snail if she could draw some more fireworks, and through the magic of computers, the internet and layering our work in Photoshop, there it was: our best seller of all time.

We've collaborated on many many cards since. In fact, all of our cards are reviewed intensely by eachother.

Occasionally Snail will paint something and Tiny will say "Bravo, that's perfect as it is!" 

And sometimes Tiny will draw something and occasionally Snail will say, "that's it!"

And Sometimes Tiny will agonize over the tiny, tiny details and Snail will tell her to "wrap it up." 😂 

We bounce off of each other well, we are both each others best cheerleader and best critic. 

It's a pretty cool thing, to get to design with a sister. Thank you for supporting our sisterhood, and our families. We are amazingly grateful that we get to work together everyday. 

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