Why the name Tiny and Snail?

We searched high and low for a good name. Many a phone call was spent sharing our brainstorm lists with each other. Lots of charming names became contenders but the perfect name continued to elude us – until we discovered that our company name was directly under our noses, coming from the creative mind of a sweet 6 year-old named Ellie*.

Ellie lives in South Dakota and we’re friends with her family. One day while scrolling Instagram, Leah chanced upon a comic that Ellie had drawn for her dad titled Tiny & Snail. ZING! That was it! 

Leah had spent the past 2 years designing and building a tiny house and tiny studio. Grace has loved snail mail for an eternity. The name seemed perfect for our sister-sister company (and kind of sounds like a law firm which is extra hilarious and delightful). We reached out to Ellie and asked whether she would be willing to let us take her name into the stationery world and she graciously agreed. Ellie, it’s brilliant and we love your creativity! Here’s a picture of us with Ellie the extraordinary. She’s simply the best.

*It is mostly a coincidence that Leah's daughter's name is Ellie too! 

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I love this “origin story”—-absolutely brilliant! What a perfect fit for you and your company.

Mary M.

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