Who can you encourage today?

A Note from Lynn:

It is the second month in your 12 months of Gratitude & Connection.  

Reflect on how it made you feel to identify your “fireflies." You can extend the positive impact by journaling about your experience or sharing stories of Gratitude & Connection in the comments on this blog post. 

This is the card for this month

Shine like the whole Universe is yours. 


Your mission for today:

This month we will focus on Connection: Be a “Firefly” by shining your light.

Pick someone from your list of people you want to connect with. Everyone can use encouragement or a reminder that they are cared about and seen! I use the acronym “SHINE” when teaching people how to compassionately communicate with loved ones. 

People need to be:   





nurtured and  


to help us to feel connected and appreciated. 

Sending a card just to let someone know they matter can really brighten their day!

Pull out your Sunflower Shine Card  and write a note of  love, showing them that they are seen, heard, and encouraged.

We'd love for you to comment as you finish these action steps! Let's create community and be inspired by the stories of these cards and the people writing and receiving them. 

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