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Sympathy Card Pack of 8

Sympathy Card Pack of 8

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This an easy way to add amazing Sympathy cards to your card stash so you will have the card you need, when you need it.

A personal card is such a beautiful way to acknowledge a person in a difficult situation and be present to them.*

With this pack, you'll have 8 opportunities to show up for people who are suffering. (It's also okay to send more than one to the same person. It's a beautiful thing to check in with people again and again.)  

This pack comes with a helpful mini guide with ideas for what to say in a sympathy card. We didn't make these up, they came from our community when we asked, "What was the most impactful thing you've read in a sympathy card?" 

*Wondering the difference between Sympathy and Encouragement? Encouragement emphasizes hope — which is perfect for someone with cancer, but not so helpful when someone has lost a loved one. (This is why we offer a separate Encouragement Pack which contains different curated cards from this Sympathy Pack. Both important, depending on the situation!)



All cards are:

-printed on heavy, eggshell stock
-4.25″ x 5.5″
-comes with super nice kraft envelope and cute envelope seal
-blank inside for space to express yourself
-made in the U.S.A.
-Set includes 8 A2-sized cards
-1 mini-guide that doubles as a stash divider


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