Welcome to the My Firefly Kit Experience!

Yay! You've made the leap and decided to give this challenge a go! We are so happy to have you here. 

You are investing in your mental health this year, in less of a “spa facial” kind of way, and in more of a “spa for your soul” kind of way. 

Each month you will receive an email prompting you to send either a card of gratitude, or a card of encouragement.

Everyone needs lights in their life, and everyone has the capacity to give light to others. (That means you!)  

We have prompts from Lynn McCracken, a psychotherapist, to get your mind flowing, help pick a person to write to, and think of what to say.  Get out your writing utensils, washi tape, and stamps, and get ready for an amazing year! 

Action Step:

Start a list of people you might like to either Thank or Encourage with these 12 cards. Put this list in your phone, planner, or decorative piece of paper that will remain visible near where you write. 

These are people that come to your mind often, that you've offered to pray for, or that inspire you to live better because of their example. This list can include anyone you care about. Think of your friends or family members — they can be people you see everyday or people you miss, those who mean a lot to you, or people you have wanted to get to know better. KEEP these lists handy or post them somewhere you can see them as a daily reminder to keep Gratitude & Connection at the forefront of your mind.

Identify people you want to intentionally connect with this year…you can keep adding to this list too!

How does making this list feel? Tell us in a comment below, or just tell us "hi" and that you're beginning your journey!

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