Who has a magical presence?

A Note from Lynn:

When people show up in your life sharing their gifts with others it is a truly inspiring experience.  Get specific when you tell the person how they uniquely touch your life…is it their creativity, humor, patience, or thoughtfulness?  It can be anything at all that brings you light and lifts you up!

This is the card for this month →

"You're a Stardust and Fireworks kind of wonderful"

Your mission for today:

Pull out that “Stardust and Fireworks” card and write a note of gratitude to someone that comes to mind. 

Make sure you include specifics about parts of their personality that you love. Concentrating on the best parts of people in your life can increase your gratitude—and be a really lovely boost to your serotonin levels! Just imagining the person smiling while reading the card can give us feel-good vibes. 

We'd love for you to comment as you finish these action steps! Who did you write to? 

Let's create community and be inspired by the stories of these cards and the people writing and receiving them. 

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