Who has been a light to you?

A Note from Lynn:

Gratitude and social support have been shown in numerous studies to have significant positive benefits on both physical and mental health. I’m sure this isn’t a surprise, just like we all know that eating healthy and exercise are beneficial – but our busy lives often get in the way of our good intentions. Monthly prompts will serve as a reminder to help you stay on track and develop a new habit that will improve your overall sense of well-being and appreciation in relationships (be sure to put it in your calendar and check back on this page for the prompts).    

There will be a featured card with the theme of the prompt, however, you can use the cards in the order you wish.

This is the card for this month

"You've been such a light"

This card was actually inspired by talking with Lynn about her idea for the "My Firefly Project." 

Your mission for today:

Step One:  Gratitude Practice:

Identify your “Fireflies”…you can add people to this list anytime! 

Who has been a SHINING LIGHT in your life?  If you haven't started to already, make a list of the people who have been a light in the darkness during a difficult time — people who believed in you and helped you to believe in yourself when you really needed encouragement. One thing they may have in common is they are the people who  

See You, 

Hear you, 

Inspire You, 

Nurture You and 

Encourage you… these people help you to SHINE 

by lending their own light…they are Fireflies!


Use your Firefly Light card to write to one of the Fireflies on your list. 

The more specifics you can put in the card, the greater impact it will have on your sense of gratitude, and the impact it will have on the person you're writing too. 

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