Who has been an unexpected light to you?

A Note from Lynn:

Send a card to the person on your list who would least expect it! Doing a random act of kindness has been shown to have positive mental health benefits for both the giver and the receiver.

This is the card for this month →

"I thank my Lucky Stars for you (all 100 billion of 'em" (seriously, you're so, so great)" 

Your mission for today:

Gratitude - Write a gratitude letter for someone on your list. 

Reconnecting with your “Fireflies”: just in case they didn’t make it on your initial list, remember the people who have impacted your life. Who is a random person who has made a difference in your life? Your mechanic? A grocery store employee who was extra kind? Your favorite barista? A friend from the past? 

Pull out that “Thank My Lucky Stars” card and write a note of gratitude to someone that would least expect it!

We'd love for you to comment as you finish these action steps! Let's create community and be inspired by the stories of these cards and the people writing and receiving them. 

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