7 Sanity-Saving Tips for Sending Holiday Cards 

How do you get the most out of card-writing this Holiday and stay sane while doing it?

We believe that some is better than none, particularly when you are able to send each with love and gratitude. The experience will mean more to you and to the people you write to. 

There is plenty of stress at this time of year – so extend yourself some patience, do what gives you life, and focus on each relationship. 

Grace/Snail and her husband have always been great at keeping in touch with people at this time of year, so I (Tiny) asked her for her top 7 tips for staying sane when it comes to sending Holiday cards. 

Here they are: 

    1.    Quality over quantity. Give yourself (and your precious people) the gift of quality over quantity. 

Maybe you still want to send out 200+ cards to your nearest and dearest plus more loose acquaintances…if so, go for it! 

But if that feels stressful, maybe experiment with writing a handful of meaningful cards to people you’re truly close with.

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    2.    Create a cozy atmosphere that makes it enjoyable and memorable. I love sitting by the Christmas tree, lighting a candle, pulling up the “Yule Log” on YouTube, queuing up some holiday music, and writing with a fancy drink sitting next to me. This completely fills my cup and allows me to sink into the magic that’s available during this time of year.

    3.    Think outside of the box - so many people send a beautiful card with a family photo that has been inserted into a template along with some printed text. These are lovely and fun to receive! 

But if that’s not your jam, too expensive, or just seems like more of a task instead of something you’d genuinely like to do, maybe it’s time for something different.

What if you went to your stash, pulled out some cards that spoke to you (whether they’re holiday-themed or not), and wrote a few heartfelt lines? If you’d like to include a photo or two, you can print some at Walgreens and slip them inside. 

Think: “How can I make this tradition work better for me? How can I remove the stress and keep the joy?”

If you're looking for 16 great-to-send-any-time-of-year cards to have on hand, we created this kit just for that purpose! Along with a guide containing our best tips for cultivating a life-giving, card-sending practice. 

    4.    If cards feel overwhelming, consider sending a postcard. Dash a few meaningful lines. (Our Earth Angel postcard comes to mind as a lovely option for this.)

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    5.    Invite someone to do it with you. Tis (always) the season for community! Set out a plate of cookies, mugs of cocoa, have some holiday music floating through the air, and do some card writing together. This can be a low-key gathering but I would bet money it will be a memory that you’ll all think about fondly for months to come.

6.    Have fun with the envelopes! I LOVE the look of some white pen sketches against a kraft envelope.  I’m particularly fond of POSCA paint pens but any pen will do! Maybe sketch some holly around the address or draw a few snowflakes (google “holly illustration” or “snowflake illustration” to have a reference to look at.) Or perhaps you want to grab some tempera paint sticks (another art supply I love) and do some abstract circles and lines in festive holiday colors. 

    7.    Adjust the timeline if you’re feeling stressed. Who says that holiday cards need to be sent in December? Not us! For years, my husband Bobby and I have sent a card around Valentine’s Day. 

Christmastime is just too full of other commitments, parties, projects, and travel. Adding the pressure of a holiday card zapped us of the pleasure that comes with reaching out through the mail. By moving it to February, it buys us some time and works better with our schedules. 

It also shares a jolt of joy with our friends and family during a month when very little fun mail is coming to their mailbox (unlike December when there’s typically a steady pulse of cards being delivered). 

You could send cards to celebrate the new year, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the First Day of Spring…so many occasions early in the year to send out some mail!

Share your tips with us!

I'd love to hear any insights you've had about enjoying sending mail at this time of year. 

Has anything made it particularly fun, less stressful, or otherwise more manageable?

Share in the comments!

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I have a pet/house sitting business and I like to send holiday cards to all my clients to thank them for their patronage this past year. I try to start early and break the cards down into batches, meaning only doing 20 cards at a time. If I do get behind during the holiday season I will send new years cards. As you mentioned in your tips it is always fun to receive a card in the mail regardless of the time of year. I try to decorate the envelopes, but it doesn’t always happen. I at least try and write fancy.

Mary Anne

Ugh – I admit I married wonderful man that just LOVES doing a newsletter as he has many friends from away that he otherwise doesn’t keep in touch with. It is filled with good news and very short. I have to admit, it saves writing a long personal note. However for the people that are close to my heart I include a note and a huge smiley face. I do like your idea of sending cards in a different month. I love getting cards, so I try to send cards too. Just recently, I started decorating my envelopes which adds another dimension of fun and personalization to the card.


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