Louie Finalist 2022 — Superbly Stated

"The annual Louie Awards program has been honoring the best cards in the industry for over 30 years. Brought to you by the Greeting Card Association, the Louie Awards recognize, reward, and celebrate that moment when art, editorial, and design perfectly coalesce to bring these emotions to life and memorialize the numerous milestones in our lives." (Greetingcard.org)

In other words, the Louies are basically the Oscars of the Stationery world. 

This year (2022) was the first year of submitted to the Louies. We submitted five cards to be considered as the winner in various categories, and were chosen as a finalist for the category "Superbly Stated" (but lost to a Hallmark card. 😩) Never the less, it is an honor just to land among the top three in any category. We are definitely looking to submit for next year!

Styled photo of our Pheonix Rebirthday Card that was chosen as a finalist in the Louies

I know this might be a very specific card, but it needed to exist! Maybe it’s for the time your loved one entered rehab. Maybe it’s for someone who finally got out of prison. Maybe it’s for someone who got a divorce. I’m sure there are a million brave souls who need this card to recognize how beautiful and strong they are.

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