Process Video of "I'm so glad we are close" Tulip Card

People have told me they loving seeing these process videos. 😀 And although it takes a lot of time, it feels meaningful to record my thoughts and feelings behind these cards.

The stories behind the illustrations are the stories that have shaped me. And so often I think although we each go through different things, pain and joy are a common experience.

I love translating emotions into imagery. I love that illustration is all about communication. I love that it's relatable.

I'm so happy it's my job to make cards for you. :)

Thanks for supporting our art, our lives, and our families. ✨

P.S. Have you sent this card before? Let me know in the comments! 

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Didn’t see this gem until this am! What a treat! These are so well done, Leah. Man the work that goes into these cards and videos. It’s gardening of another variety. Tulips are my favorites, so is Tiny & Snail. Must send this card soon. Oxoxo

Elizabeth Highsmith

I love your story and process of the tulips! So inspired by your art and how you create such meaningful cards!

Barbara Harris-O'Neal

Sweet childhood pictures! Thanks for sharing! Love seeing your creativity in action! In the garden and on the page!


Delightful video — so awesome to hear about your inspiration and subsequent experience creating something so meaningful to you and how you share it with others! Thank you!


I love these process videos so much! They inspire me to try to draw what I see in nature, and also to take time to write cards. Thank you for sharing!

Jessica Glasscock

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