Signs of Spring

Easter Sunday was one of our first SUPER nice days. We went on several walks, ate lunch out on our patio, and I got Ellie and her 6-year-old cousin to help me plant peas.

Ellie was walking around very purposefully and super interested in putting the peas — too many(!) peas — into the ground. It made my mama's heart swell to see her begin, in a way, a relationship with the earth, and the ability for us to feed ourselves from the small yard that we have (at least a bit.)

There are tulips coming up that we had to warn them not to step on, but the joy that they got from planting peas was totally worth the $8 of the seed packets.

We’re SO looking forward to sharing our brand new collection with you next Friday (no spoilers but it sings of Spring!).

What signs of Spring are you encountering in your life right now? I’d love to hear!

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My little one just turned one, and Spring through her eyes is oh-so-special. She says "wow" about every tree, flower and bird, and she wants to touch everything. Going outside always gives me energy and peace, but there's something even more visceral about watching the change it brings over small children. She needs the fresh air and sunshine, and that gives me the gift of Spring, too. My favorite sign of Spring is the redbud tree in our yard. The anticipation of the growing, deep maroon buds and then finally their bursting into bright purple is just the best!


YES this is such a beautiful quote!
I can’t wait for Friday!! I’m really proud of the art in this collection!


That is such a great quote! Leah would love to see if you can turn this one into a card. I, too, am so excited for the release of your new collection.


Oh I LOVE that quote! Haven’t heard that one before. It’s so hopeful. (Would make a great card, we’ll have to see if it’s public domain or if we can permission!) xo Grace/Snail


Very excited for the new collection and all things Spring! We have daffodils and tulips blooming and iris bulbs spouting their first leaves, as well. The rhododendron began budding this week, too! This time of year always makes me think of one of my favorite quotes, "No Winter lasts forever, No Spring skips its turn" (Hal Borland) – so inspiring in so many ways. I love the kept promise of new life appearing each year – it's truly magical!


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