The road hasn't been easy (but very worth it)

It started with a dream

It’s been 13 years since I graduated as a painting major.

I had gone into painting because that was my favorite thing to do since I was a kid. I did well in all my subjects, but when I realized that I could JUST do art for college, I dove in head first.

Then I graduated with barely a clue how to turn my art into a means to support myself.

After I graduated, I did a variety of jobs – from baking desserts in a cafe, to creating the Founding Fathers as sculptures, painting the odd commission, to working for Habitat for Humanity as a construction worker.

Art was always my dream.

When I was a kid, I dreamt of being an illustrator like Lisa Frank, Marjolein Bastin, and Mary Engelbreit. Those were my heroines.

The rough road

You might know the story – in 2017, tired of feeling unfilled in our jobs, my sister and I decided to start working together, building this stationery business. We’ve been in business for 7 years, and mostly working for minimum wage or less. But through supportive family and friends, through worker’s compensation from my accident, and royalties off of my book “Best Day Ever,” we’ve made it.

Over the past year we’ve been growing, and this year we are finally supporting ourselves and our families (our husbands both work too, though) with our art. What an amazing feeling.

Your support means the world

So thank you, if you are among those who have supported us over the past 7 years. I feel amazingly blessed that many of our original supporters are STILL purchasing our collections. 🙌😭

Whether you send your kind words, write your reviews, share online, tell people in person, buy our cards, and/or send our cards, your support means the world to us.

I could be doing a lot of things with my time and talent: I could be painting large oil paintings that would hang in galleries. I could be doing web design, or baking cakes, or building houses. But life has led me to make these cards, that can help you connect with the people in your life, and surround you with beauty and hope.

I don’t think I’d rather be doing anything else with my life..

Thank you for supporting the arts. Thank you for showing up for yourself, and writing to the people you love.

The Wild Collection is a celebration of soaking up the beauty of this planet, and turning it into art. Thank you for letting me do this, and thanks for helping crowd source these cards.

May this ride stretch for more joyful miles than we could even imagine.

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Hi Karen,
I can’t directly respond to the comments on this blog (silly, I know 🤪) but the book that I illustrated is called “Best Day Ever.” It was written by Marilyn Singer who has written over 100 children’s books!
Here’s the link:
Thanks for asking!


What is your book about and where can I find it?

Karen Nelson

Tiny, I love your story and the great passion you have for painting! I love and appreciate you!!
For all the challenges behind you, I send my congratulations. For all the successes ahead, I send you Blessings.


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