Tiny's Goal Setting For The New Year

I’ve been reflecting on the things that made this past year better for me, and the things I’d like to get better at in 2024.

I thought I’d share my lists, for a peek inside my brain right now.

A few of the most impactful, positive habits and influences that made 2023 great:

  • Education – We’ve been in a business “mastermind” group for the past year. It’s more than just about business, it’s about how to be happier/set goals and problem solve. It feels kind of weird to mention it in this newsletter, but I’m just being honest. It’s changed my life as an entrepreneur.  

    Why? Partly because the Facebook/Instagram ads we have been running have allowed us to more efficiently find new “besties.” (If that’s you, I’m so happy we are connected now!) It has given us hope and made it feel possible to grow our company, despite the fact that both Grace and I are moms and have added demands on our time. 

  • Exercise – I’ve been going on a daily “run.” I decreased the amount of nerve pain and antidepressant medication I’m taking and decided to commit to a daily workout: pushing in my wheelchair around my neighborhood. The nerve pain is about the same as it’s always been, but I am 100% very happy that I have been really good at getting in outdoor exercise almost everyday since June.  

    The movement, being outdoors, and small interactions I have with my neighbors do wonders for mood. I have been inspired for my illustrations on my daily “walk” as well. This is a part of my work day that I prioritize.

  • The information I consume: 
    I don’t consume much media anymore. I find it’s easier on my mental health, and I find myself way too busy as a mom/entrepreneur/paraplegic to have much time for anything besides the essentials – mostly being present with family, managing my health, and creating for Tiny and Snail. Not much time (or desire) to listen to the news or scroll endlessly on Instagram. 

    A podcast I have made time for this year is “Feel Better, Live More” by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee— Grace shared this one with me this year, and it feels like I’m sitting down with friends and nerding out about physical and mental wellness. (Start with any episode title you find interesting, they are all good!)

I’ve also been reflecting on how I can make life easier for myself in the coming year, so these are the things I’d like to get better at in 2024:

  • Not procrastinating: I carry a lot of guilt about the things I should do instead of just doing them — such as opening up mail (not cards but bills), filling out forms, etc. I want to get better at “eating the frog first” so I can move onto the things I am more motivated to do without feeling as bogged down. 

  • Sharing the stuff I make: I write and draw a LOT of things intended to be shared with the Tiny and Snail community that I don’t end up sharing anywhere. I need to figure out better organization and storage of the content I create so I know where to find it. 

    I need to consolidate my content spreadsheets so things don’t get created and lost before ever having a chance of becoming something in the world. (In some ways I know it all lays a foundation for the things I *do* end up making, but I probably end up reinventing the wheel more than I have to.)

  • Being less of a perfectionist:

    I need to keep reminding myself that “done is better than perfect” and that people want me to show up as myself, both on the internet and in snail mail. 

  • Be more consistent with the cards I send:

    I just ordered myself a new “Ultimate Stationery Stash” because I realized a few days ago that I keep putting off writing cards because I am running low on options. I basically started Tiny and Snail because, as an artist, I felt like I needed to make my own cards in order to send them. Now that I make my own cards, I just need to have Grace send some to me! 😅

    I am excited to finally start with a full set of cards for the new year — believe it or not, I haven’t gotten an Ultimate Stash yet, and I’m excited to see how it helps my own card-writing practice!


The New Year gives us a great opportunity to pause, reflect, and problem solve. 

What are some of the best things you’ve done for yourself in 2023?

What do you want to get better at in 2024?

How can you use this opportunity to improve your systems (and make things easier on yourself?) 


Growing makes us happy. Here’s to growing in expected and unexpected ways in the New Year!

Next week I’m planning to share some tools that I’ve found helpful for getting better at anything.

Until then, be well, and Happy New Year!

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Loved this post! Thanks for the recommendation of the Podcast Feel Better, Live More. Just listened and I am hooked. Thanks


Recently, I attended a Death Café where we were asked what we will leave as a legacy. That has me thinking. My journals I’ve kept for over 30 years could be my legacy, but they are large, 8.5 × 11. Too big a burden for my children to store. I’ve contacted the university’s activist and they might take them. That would be a great relief. Leah, your joy in your daily walks has inspired me. I need to commit to getting outside and walking. I’ll think of you when I do. Procrastination is something I struggle with. I don’t like the way it clutters my brain when I have a “to do” thought more than once. My chronic bugaboo is my bohemian excessive tendency to create a mess whenever I do anything and then my German need for order and neatness arises and I get down on myself. I can’t seem to just accept this part of myself and I can’t seem to not make a mess. Lots of things to reflect upon. I do want to develop a card-writing ritual and you also inspire me to do that, too.


Thanks for these wonderful tips. When my girls were young, I would go away for scrapbook weekends. I would obsess about how each page turned out and wanted it to be “perfect”. Finally, my friend and I said, “Done is Beautiful”. I have held on to that mantra for years now and have to remind myself frequently. Also, perfection is the enemy of good enough! Thanks for the reminders! Happy New Year!


Accepting Fear and learning to manage it just for myself. Living as best I can in the moment and not needing to manufacture and manipulate it. Fear of my past or future guarantees living in feeling Fear of being just Right or Wrong Now. Time is my greatest commodity and learning to spend it without fear of thinking I can save it for tomorrow. Progress not perfection opens the opportunity to experience more desire for action by myself. My peace of mind and even moments of pure joy I let happen now. Life isn’t easy, but I can do it better if I go easy on myself and others.
Leah thanks for sharing and caring enough to ask for us to share today with you.
Just Love Best We All Can Now My Friends

Peter Christiansen

What a lovely post!
Regarding procrastination, my old boss had a “touch it once” philosophy. If he opened an invoice he would approve it and pass it on right away instead of “getting back to it later”. The weight of knowing we had to “do it soon” was too much anxiety.
Regarding media, I’m working on reading to TBR pile instead of social media. My doom scrolling has gotten way out of hand, exactly as designed by the social media overlords. I’m still figuring that out, but staying off the media and phone has certainly shed light on how ridiculous my use patterns Have been.
Lastly, I think it’s so important to give ourselves the at least the same kindness we give to others. Progress over perfection!
I hope we all have a Happy and Peaceful New Year!

Dave W

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