A Busy Week and My First Video Blog

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Thanks for sharing your beautiful face with us. You look great despite your lack of sleep. Have a good day!

Andrea B Gerlach

Loved seeing your face while hearing about both your joys and struggles. It’s easy for me to relate to those issues even though your physical challenges are greater, UTI’s are miserable😫 Despite your struggles you continuously radiate joy and gratitude and your creativity is amazing! If you are willing, these video blogs are a generous way for you to let us know what’s new with you and how we can pray for you too. Vulnerability attracts because we connect with the struggles and rejoice in the triumphs❤️

Robin Carley

First I want to say I enjoy you both on email and social media.
Second, I pray you get answers for your health and when these things happen know this to shall pass. I know it is hard while going through it and will keep you in my prayers and my heart.
Third, I just love your cards and artwork. I try to write card “notes” because who doesn’t love something other junk mail and bills in the mail!
Keep on keeping on!

Christy Antonsen

Thanks for this first video blog, Leah (great sweatshirt, BTW). I can relate to being wide awake in the middle of the night…so next time in addition to reading an old-fashioned book, I should try writing a card or two….Having a couple of cards ready to go into the mail will be a good sight to wake up to. Loved hearing about your travel adventures and your visit with Grace….both of you are such wonderful and creative Moms. Finding your flow is such a timely idea for a card design…I’m sure ideas for your future collections will continue to flow freely from your imagination on their way to us. Many Thanks!

Mary M

The video blog shares so much more than your spoken words. I encourage you to continue to share your blog on video. The body language added helps me to understand what you’re going through now. Curious if you’ve done any work with a Somatic Therapist. Hope you find some healing that provides you a more healthy sleep experience soon My Friend

Peter Christiansen

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