Why I’ve been loving my little photo printer

Recently I got a Canon Selphy for our mom. She loves taking photos, but always had  trouble figuring out how to print them online.*

I bought her a Canon Selphy as a Mother’s Day present, and I decided to try it out first to see if it would be easy enough.
Wow– it was so fun I bought myself one too!

*Note: Before I go any further, this is not a sponsored post – I’ve just been loving this tool and thought you might enjoy hearing about it. 

When we were growing up, our mom and her twin loved taking photos and would send a stack of them in the mail to each other. This was before email was really even a thing – remember that?? 😅

Now we are flooded by digital images, and I think that’s part of the reason I’ve been enjoying this little printer so much – there’s just something magical about holding a real photo in your hands. I’ve often been trying to include a photo with the cards I send, because it feels like a little gift to be able to print out a photo for someone.

I think people often intend to get photos printed out, but it doesn’t usually happen.

So seizing ten minutes to write a card and another ten to print out a few photos that someone can treasure…it seems like a good gift. 

Grace’s baby, Everett, turned 1 this week and this seemed like just the ticket to celebrate his birthday: a heartfelt card and some photos of Grace and Everett while they were home visiting recently. (Particularly since Grace is a minimalist, I know this is a gift that she’ll treasure and won’t cause her any angst!)

She’ll probably prop it in a cute corner in her house for a while, then they might end up in an album or shoebox somewhere. (So I took a few extra minutes to write who it is on the back of the photo and an approximate date.) But even if she chooses to not keep them, it will at least add an extra surprise in the card.

I also like that I can quickly print out some photos of Ellie for a photo album (in case photos ever disappear from my digital photo library 🥵). Since you can print just one of two at a time, it’s less overwhelming to print up just a few photos vs. feeling like I need to order a bunch when I order from some place online.

Maybe it’s not for you, but in case you’ve ever dreamed that printing out photos could be instant and able to be done one at a time, I think this is a really great tool.

I hope your weekend brings a photo-worthy moment or two! :)

P.S. I bought slightly larger kraft envelopes (A4 size) for when I include photos with the cards -- for whatever reason photo ratios are different from greeting card ratios, so I wanted to be able to easily slip in a photo and the envelopes we include with each card are slightly too small for these photos.

P.P.S. Do you ever include photos in your cards? 

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I have a Selphy. I love printing out photos with my grandchildren. Right now we’re a bit overwhelmed with photos around here. We have all the photos my mother had in boxes on our coffee table to scan for the rest of the family. There are thousands. (My dad was a photographer.)


I had an Instax printer years ago that was so hit or miss on connecting I gave up on it. Like the commenter above, I’ve been uploading to Walgreens and getting 4×6 prints for $0.20ish cents each.
Having even “poor quality” photos of family gatherings is such a joy to look through. I think about memory boards at family events where even over exposed and faded photos bring back such good memories.
Prints we can hold are future treasures.
Plus, it’s so fun to find them in the mail!


I love your photo idea! Will investigate that printer. If I have them to give I’ll often include a sticker in my cards!

Lois Baldwin

Thank you for sharing. I have been looking for a small photo printer and not sure where to start. I just received the The Wild Collection (ordered 2 sets so that I have one to send and one to frame) and this will add the extra joy that I am looking for. Thank you!!!

Leah Vincent

When I was little my grandparents had slides that we put into a slide viewer to look at every time we visited. I recently bought a photo printer and I print special photos of the grandkids and store in a small decorative box. I will find them looking at those photos and we laugh and talk about the memories we had in those moments. I feel this is even creating memories and it makes me smile adding another photo to the box!


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