"Thoughts and Prayers," ...But Make it Tangible

Dear Friend,  

I was thinking the other day about how cards are a tangible prayer. When we say “I'll be praying for you” what if that translated in your head as “I'll send you a card”?  

When someone needs our prayers, but there isn't much we can actually do for them, a card is a great way to show your love and support, and spend some time praying for the person. 

It's a way to acknowledge their situation, and sit with the person in their suffering for just a little bit. It's a way that we can turn our concern into more than worry in our head. (If you're the praying type, of course prayer is more than just worry! I hope you'll hear me out on this tangible/action-oriented part of the prayer.)  

We can get our thoughts down on paper and use the postal system sort of like angels to deliver our message of love.  

Whether you call it “prayer” or “sending light” or “holding space” or “sending good vibes” or “thinking of you," a card can be a way to give it physical form.  

When the person receives the card, they know that you care about them, and every time they see the card it will be a reminder of you and all the good thoughts you are sending their way. And just knowing that there are people in their life who care about them and want them to be well can help them pull through. I know, because I've been there.

I hope next time you say "I'll be praying for you!" You will think "I should send them a letter." It will provide comfort for the recipient, and it will give you the chance to sit with them in their suffering, offering an open hand. 

Thanks for being here, 



These cards are some of my favorites to send as a “physical prayer”

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