Learn the art of the envelope!

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Heartfelt sentiments

I bought these cards to use for goodbye notes to a circle of friends and one special friend who is having a rough summer. The designs are unique and the thoughtful phrasing is unlike anything else out there. Am delighted to employ these as I wend my way to a different local. Thank-you!! Already had one complement on the cards.

Gorgeous Cards

So glad I purchased this box of cards! So lovely and well thought out. The artwork and phrases are gorgeous.

Encouraging Encouragement Cards

These Encouragement cards are definitely encouraging. As I looked over the collection, I thought of specific people who would benefit from each card. The artwork is so cool. The sentiments on the front of each card are cheerful and mood-boosting!

Be Kind to Your Beautiful Self

Perfect for sending to someone facing illness, recovering from surgery or injury, or in discouraging circumstances.

Dancing Rabbits

I want to be invited to this engaging dance! Lovely!

Fox Wedding
Patricia Brown
Fox Wedding card

This charming card will be lovely to send to congratulate friends for either a wedding or a wedding anniversary.

The Essential 16
Joan Seivert
So excited to have these beautiful cards to send out to friends ❣️

I’m also very glad to have found you and your beautiful creative expression in our world that appreciates your colorful heartfelt way of reaching out to others in a meaningful way 💖🥰🥳🤩🎁

Great set!

Great to have on hand for any occasion! Beautiful artwork 💙

Kick off your card writing practice!

I bought this set for myself, but it would make a wonderful gift for someone who wants to get into the practice of card writing. The little insert also helps with tips and ideas. The paper and envelopes are of excellent quality and the artwork is just so unique and unlike any other cards I've seen.

You'll be set for birthdays!

Such a helpful set! I like the variety of cards to fit all the people you might be sending a birthday card too. Also the little insert talking about writing cards is fun and helpful. I can't wait for "my people" to open their cards throughout the year.

Beautiful and a Good Deal

Due to age and mobility issues, I spend a lot of time at home. I was determined not to become self-absorbed so thought I'd start writing notes to friends and acquaintances. Although I had a drawer full of greeting cards, I wanted the cards I sent to be unique with art that touched my heart. Tiny and Snail is my new favorite card designer. My first purchase was a couple individual cards but with a little mental math realized it was cost effective to buy in bulk. I love, love the Mustard Farmhouse Bouquet...the flowers, the colors, the jar, the water...just perfect!

For the one the LOVES flamingo

Quality card stock, vivid colors. Love it!

Firefly Light
Lisa Chabot
Perfect picture and saying

Saving for my daughter when she’s feeling down.

Simply Adorable

This card is utterly perfect (or should I say “orderly”? So sweet and gentle, the otters are wonderfully expressive.

Great cards

Beautiful heartfelt cards. Good quality.

Love in the mail

Sympathy cards are the hardest to send and finding the right words to let someone know you are thinking of them. This set is so beautiful (words and pictures) and something I’ll order again and again because we all go through difficult times and it is comforting to know you are not alone. I like being able to send love in the mail as a way to connect during those tough times.

Adore these everyday cards

Such beautiful cards to truly use for any and everything. Quality is impeccable and love the update to the envelopes plus stickers included for sending mail. Was recently able to spend some time with family and sent my 2yo niece one of these cards to share how much I enjoyed spending time with her. I hope to be able to send cards not just for holidays and birthdays but for all the everyday things and anytime visits.

Everyday Card Pack of 8
Bonnie Buckingham
Sending a hug

These are the best hugs in the mail, even with postage stamps going up! It’s still a bargain !

I tested up!

This was the most beautiful meaningful gift my sister could’ve given me when I turned 25 (I’m 26 now) I was once in a car accident and they weren’t sure if I’d survive but by the hairs on my chiny chin chin I did! And I’d been in several positions where I was faced with misfortunes and I was face to face with death. She wrote a sweet paragraph inside it mentioning how I was phoenix to her and it made me cry so hard, it’s a birthday I definitely hold dear to my heart.

Everyday Cards pack

The quality is really nice--I used the "Magic in every stage" card to send to a friend turning 50. I thought it was quite appropriate!

Love Cards Pack of 8
Mary Wilkison
Love cards pack

Great quality!


I received my pack last week and sent my first card yesterday to an elderly friend. Cards, for her, are a feast of love, and I was so happy to send a meaning-full card to her, with a story (your story). When story meets story, in love and care, that's when human meaning flowers. I am so grateful to know about you and to be part of your beautiful calling.


I adore my Tiny & Snail cards! So lovely and personal. Colors and materials are rich and the quality is evident.

Book Cat Sticker
Julia Wilkoff
Love it!

I bought this for my daughter. We both love it!

Completely satisfied

This was exactly as shown online No surprises. No disappointments.