Learn the art of the envelope!

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So Sorry For Your Loss
Andrea Gerlach
Just perfect.

These sympathy cards are just the right look and feel to send to a pet parent. Love them.

The Essential 16
Andrea Gerlach

Everything I order is beautiful and well thought out! Thank you for the thoughtful inserts on writing personal notes.

Heart felt cards—love them all

I so enjoyed my first purchase from Tiny and Snail that I purchased from their “Black Friday” sale within a couple of weeks of my first purchase…The cards are heart felt, beautiful, poignant —but not “sappy” and put into positive words what I really want to say to my friends and loved ones…That is a true gift and these Artist are making this world a better place right now…Order and be prepared to share them and have the conundrum of wanting to keep some to lift you in your own bad days…Cheryl Bryson


I am not sure how I stumbled upon Tiny and Snail - but I am so glad that I did. I love supporting a small (female owned) business. Their cards are beautiful and can be used for so many occasions!

Our Lady of the Moon
Elizabeth S.
This card is gorgeous!!

I love this card and I hope it stays available. It is stunning!!


They are like tiny pieces of artwork in an envelope!

Amazing post card

The quality of these postcards are so great. I just started post crossing and this one is already a favorite.

Gorgeous thank yous!

These cards are gorgeous and you can never have too many thank-you cards on hand. I've rapidly created a large collection and Tiny and Snail cards and am now trying to send more as well as gift them!

Birthday Wishes

Everyone wants to be tread like someone special on his or her Birthday. I believe this group of Birthday cards, will make everyone Happy!

The Best!!!!

I believe you and your whole team have out done yourselves!! A round of applause fora job well done!!!

The Essential 16
Cheryl M Bryson
Artists who speak to my heart

Recently ordered my first collection..Upon receiving —started to read the messages on my
“Essentials” collection and my extra three cards…I still send a lot of handwritten cards and am always searching for caring messages or quirky, funny messages—and Voila—every card in the collection was “practically perfect” (just like Mary Poppins) and purchased as a collection—very cost effective…They just had an early “Black Friday” sale after I received this order—I missed it due to reading the email late, and then they extended it—and I found several more collections that I will put to good use—and for great prices…The art work, paper quality are superb and the fact that is a female run small business—I truly felt like I have found new members of my tribe…love you Tiny and Snail-/love the videos you have sent my way—looking forward to what you do next…Cheryl Bryson

Welcome Gift Trio
Michelle S
Added Bonus!

What a great introduction to this lovely company! My welcome gift trio included 3 cards that I will definitely use :)

Quality that’s needed at a difficult time

I ordered this card bc it is the perfect choice when a friend loses a pet. I like that it can be used for more than just one type of pet. Good to have on hand so you aren’t scrambling when you need one.


Great quality card. And I love how it offers a different kind of birthday wish, not the same old same old!

Super Sentiment

This is going to be a well received card when I surprise a co-worker who has gone above and beyond to help me out! Thanks for having great options for everyday (and not so everyday) occasions!

The perfect complement to My Firefly collection

Many times I want to reach out to someone just to say I'm thinking of them and I'm grateful for the presence in my life. The My Firefly collection was my answer to that for the spring/summer. Now I have one for the fall/winter! Keep putting out such great art and message :)

Hello Wonderful

Who wouldn’t love finding this colorful card in their mailbox⁉️ This is a bright, beautiful card sure to put a smile on the face of anybody who receives it.

May you read some excellent books this year

Love this card. A friend is having surgery this winter and I will send this to her during her recovery.

Beautiful Birthday Daisies
Kathleen Shoemaker
Beautiful Birthday Daisies

This card is beautiful with its soft colors. It’s the perfect card for anyone on your birthday list.

More Beauty
Mary Fisher
Love Love Love

I love the More Beauty card!! I am sending them out at Thanksgiving to family and close friends! So beautiful! Thank you!

Initially I planned to share one of these sets, but they're so beautiful and versatile that I'm keeping them for my stationery stash. Not to worry, they will get put to good use! In fact, I've already sent a few of them to their new homes. <3

I'm always in awe of the quality of t&s cards - from the thickness, vibrant colors, and depth of the cards themselves, to the envelopes, seal stickers, and how everything is packaged with such love and care. Grace and Leah really pour themselves into each design and message, and it really comes across. It feels so personal because it's personal to them. Each t&s card is a gift in itself that surely won't disappoint, especially when you fill it with a message to your loved one.

Comfort in a little brown box

As impossible as it seems, each new collection is better than the last! Perfect cards that I didn't even know I needed. My friends tell me they get excited as soon as they see the little brown envelop in their mail box! Thank you!

Sunflower Shine
Lynette Williams
Tiny and Snail cards are beautiful and unique. I think people who receive them will feel special.

Love supporting this small business. Cards are so sweet, unique, excellent quality.

Love this special card!

This is such a meaningful card. I purchased this for my sister n law who recently lost her husband. I felt this was a beautiful and powerful illustration! Thank you

Thoughtful, comforting, beautiful

The Comfort Collection is incredibly beautiful and thoughtful. As I opened the the box, I thought I would just flip through and instead I sat immediately and carefully read and thought about each card. Even found myself running my finger over each card. Every one of us has challenges in life - what perfect cards to send to those we care about to remind them of our love and our hope for better.