The Wild Collection

This collection of 8 greeting cards is a celebration of the beauty of nature, the joy of relationships, and interesting lighting scenerios (which will always be a favorite thing of mine to draw. 😍)

xo Tiny (and Snail too!)

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Customer Reviews

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Diane Mars
Tiny & Snail Go Beyond!

"I highly recommend this business" Each Card is in itself a work of art! This isn't the first time I have ordered cards from them and definitely not the last. I know that each card in the packet I ordered would be something special, and sure enough I was not disappointed. The cards arrive in a secure stiff envelope assuring me that they are in perfect condition and they were, even after encountering USPS from Milwaukee to my Home in California! The Cards are lovely and the "special" inserts just take the whole experience to another level makes "Card Writing" an experience. When I opened the box with the cards I immediately picked one out to send to a love one that needed a big Thank You. She's an artist and I just know she will love the one I selected. Thank you and continue to do just what you're doing!

Laura Dilger
Touching Cards

I loved looking at every single card when the package arrived. I also shared them with my husband and mom, who also commented on how beautiful and touching they are. I look forward to sending the cards to people in my life.

Andrea Gerlach
Absolutely perfect.

Each card is beautiful and just perfect . My favorite might be the otters. Thank you for another beautiful collection.

Such a beautiful collection

The new collection is so beautiful in every way, from the colors and warmth on each card to holding the quality paper in your hands. Upon opening and reviewing each card, I said WOW out loud to the incredible creations. I felt an instant connection to every card. I'm a major letter writer and look to connect with friends and family through cards, and these collections are so on point and special. They help you connect in every way. I love the messages the cards convey, and they are perfect for so many occasions. Tiny & Snail, you are mind-readers with what we need right now. There's always the most appropriate card and saying on them in your collections to send to someone who is going through something, and this collection certainly delivers. I sent out four cards from this new collection in the past few days, and the cards were perfect for a new grandparent (I chose the sea otters) a new baby announcement (Wild World Little One!), my fun cousin who has 3 goats (You're the GOAT), and a tired soul who needs time to rest but thinks of others before herself (It's OK to Rest fox card). I highly recommend Tiny & Snail's Wild Collection but all of their cards and stickers overall. I'm a lifetime fan.

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What is the quality of our cards like?

To us, each card is a mini piece of artwork, so we obsess over the quality of the paper and printing.

We've always loved the feel of a sturdy card, so we print on Neenah Classic Crest Cover—you can actually hear the sturdiness in our videos! One customer described the texture as "buttery."

Neenah Paper also places an emphasis on environmentally friendly paper-making practices, which is super nice to know too.

The inks are rich, and the colors are vibrant. We print with a company in Milwaukee, where Tiny and Snail is based.

The paper and kraft envelopes we pair with the cards are actually also made in Wisconsin too. Sourcing locally helps keep our materials and shipping footprint as earth-friendly as possible.

In short, our customers love our paper and printing!