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Leah (a.k.a. Tiny) has loved art ever since she can remember. She went to four years of college to get her BFA in painting. 

Since graduating from college she has discovered her true home in art is illustration. Although we somewhat stumbled into creating our own stationery, she has come to believe that this is her calling in life. She fully believes in the goodness and power of mail and those who send it. 

Leah is the art director of Tiny and Snail and does most website/computer related things—formatting our cards, writing copy on our website, writing our emails, and does  a majority of our illustrations. 

In August of 2018 she was in a horrific construction accident which paralyzed her from chest down, and caused her right leg to need amputation. (You can hear the story on "Terrible, Thanks for Asking.")

Miraculously she lived and has since gotten married and had a baby! (which you can hear about it the "Committed" podcast)

Between medical appointments, caring for dogs and a baby, and pouring herself into Tiny and Snail, she is also obsessed with sustainable and accessible architecture— (The name Tiny comes from her obsession with Tiny houses!). 

She also Illustrated her first children's book "Best Day Ever!" which happened to come out the same day she and her husband Kelsey brought their daughter home from the hospital, June 29th, 2018— truly the best day ever!

Cover of the Book "Best Day Ever!"

A few cards that Leah has illustrated:

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