How can you be a light to someone?

A Note from Lynn:

The world can be a pretty sad place. Every day horrible things are in the news. The endless problems in the world can easily overwhelm us.  We also might have health issues or tragedies in our families.  

That's where gratitude can shift our focus towards seeking the happier parts of our lives, which is absolutely critical for making it through tough things.  

They are there. Flowers blossoming, meals with friends, people doing the right thing in the their corner of the world. The way the light dances though the leaves into your bedroom. Tea or your morning coffee. You, writing a card. 

This is the card for this month

"Look for the Light"

Your mission for today:

Look for the Light - Write a  letter for someone  on your list who needs a boost (whether for something specific or just in general).

Let someone know they are part of the light in your life. List a few specific reasons or maybe write about a certain memory you have about them that makes you smile with gratitude. Just getting an affirming letter in the mail will start to help them focus on something that is beautiful.


Studies have shown snail mail can decrease the suicide rate. While you may or may not have such an extreme example in your own life, 30% of Americans report that they suffer from some form of anxiety or depression.  We hope that writing a card to someone today fosters a little more light in your life and in the life of the recipient. 

Pull out that “Look for the Light” card and show up for someone today. 

We'd love for you to comment as you finish these action steps! Let's create community and be inspired by the stories of these cards and the people writing and receiving them. 

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