Ideas for meaningful Holiday gifts (...and How to Claim a Best Seller Bundle With Purchase!)*

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I'm probably a bad businessperson to say this, because I shouldn't love discounting our products....but when we did our first-ever flash sale this past June, we watched as hundreds of cards flew out the door to all of your stationery stashes, and it was SO EXCITING to know the good that each one of these precious babies of ours would be doing in this world. 

I want to share a few gift ideas with you, which may inspire/inform your shopping decisions on Nov. 18th, our “Black Friday” Sale for this Holiday season...we'll have some incredible deals on cards AND  if you spend $300 or more, we will give you a FREE Best Seller Bundle (worth $108!).

5 ideas to share the joy of mail this Holiday: 

  1. I love having a lot of our cards in my stash, because it’s fun to include a few extra cards along with the card I’ve written so my recipient also gets a chance to write a letter in a Tiny and Snail card. You get to send additional messages/art to the recipient. You can write in a card so they can treasure that one forever, and then you'll be gifting them with a few blank cards that they can then enjoy having the experience of sending. (And because cards as SO GOOD for our mental health, you’ll be gifting them a mood-booster as well!)

  2. A great gift for kids are the “Draw Together” Cards. I created these specifically with children in mind (as something they could do back in 2020 when they were stuck at home). But I think they are as fun as ever! If you have a child in your life, you could buy two sets and exchange these cards in the mail with each other throughout the next year. Passing on this non-screen hobby to a young person is such a gift to the whole WORLD. (Writing letters in long-hand has tremendous benefits for kids! But that’s a discussion for another blog post. 🙂)

  3. Letters themselves are one of the most beautiful gifts I think; particularly LOVE letters. And when I say “love letters,” I don’t necessarily mean the romantic kind. These are letters where you simply gush about the person. You could write about a memory you have of being with them, and you might tell them your favorite things about them.

    Last year I wrote love letters to each person in my family as my Christmas gift to them.

    One of my best friends has given me a letter for Christmas over the last few years, and those letters from her stick out to me in my memory better than most material gifts. There is just something so meaningful about sharing how much you love and appreciate that person in your life. THAT is a gift that is priceless. 

    I love the idea of a card as a gift: Our cards are both beautiful art — the recipient can display the card as artwork in their house for a long time — and they also contain words of affirmation.

    Two Tiny and Snail ideas for going about letter-writing as a gift—

    1. Instant Artful Envelopes are SUPER cool to write in. To me, it feels like an experience. It’s a decent size writing surface — I have used them when I don’t have tons to say to the person and they filled up surprisingly quickly. I’ve also had times where I continued the letter onto several pages of plain paper and tucked those inside the envelope before taping it shut.

    2. You could buy an 8x10 print, write a letter on the backside of it, and frame it in a floating frame. Then the person can flip it around easily and read your letter.

  4. Get some of our Draw Together Cards for yourself and have a fun and cozy session coloring in the cards and writing fun messages for people. Make it extra cozy by lighting a candle, turning on some Nat King Cole, and making your favorite hot drink. 

  5. The Holidays can be really hard for many people. Traditionally a time that centers around family, it can be a hard time for people grieving loss of family. Take a few minutes to send a card to someone who might have a tough winter, and give a little spark of joy in these hard months. (Our Floral Cards are perfect for bringing a little colorful comfort!)

The holidays are a beautiful time to sink into deep, life-giving rituals. As the weather outside is frightful, we can be inside, making time for reading, baking, knitting, quilting, writing — all centuries-old crafts. It brings a richness to our lives. All of these things have texture to them:

  • we feel the pages of a book;
  • hear the crack of eggs on the rim of a ceramic bowl;
  • feel the hard, cool knitting needles against the soft, warm wool;
  • touch the cotton squares as we hear the whirring of the sewing machine;
  • handle the precious sheets of paper, scribble with a pen, and lick the rough kraft paper envelope.

We get to sink into the physicality of the world, and in there, discover meaning, magic, and miracles.

Isn’t that better than a plastic case and a bright screen?

Thank you for being here. The world needs more love letters — letters whose benefits will cascade into the lives of many people around you.

Thank you for supporting our work in the world. Getting to work as sisters, pursue our passions, and support our families truly means everything to us. Spending your hard-earned dollars on our cards is something we truly appreciate. (And the reviews you leave are out of this world! We feel like the luckiest every time a review comes in!)

It’s beautiful to be connected with thousands of people trying to bring a little happiness and comfort to the people in their lives through mail. And it’s the honor of a lifetime to get to be a part of all of those meaningful interactions in your life.

Thank you. ❤️

a.k.a. Leah and Grace

P.S. Have you given cards as gifts? Let me know in the comments! 

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I’d forgotten about the Draw Together Cards – will get some of those next time I order!


I enjoy reading reading your blog and your inspiring ideas.

Deanne Hurley

Oooh I LOOOVE the idea of writing a letter on the back of an 8×10 and framing it to read the backside!! Such a cool idea!! Love you two and think of you often!! -Val Keinsley


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