Collection: The Instant Artful Envelope Collection

Want to delve deeper into letter writing and knock the socks off your friends and family?

Easily send captivating artwork through the mail with these Instant Artful Envelopes. You'll impress the recipient and all of the posties along the journey who see it. (When we say "There's Magic in the Mail," we mean it!)

The card (7"x 10") gives you a "goldilocks" amount of space for writing a letter (not too short, not too long!)

Fold, address, and seal the edges with clear tape (It feels just a tad crafty, which is fun!). Stick on a forever stamp, then pop it in the mail and imagine the recipient's face when they see this colorful envelope waiting for them in their mailbox. (Hello, JOY!)

Printed our our signature sturdy paper with rich inks, they hold up super well in the mail. We worked through many iterations with our printer to get these just right. You're going to love them.

These designs were part of the reason Tiny was selected for the Stationery Trends' 2021 40 under 40 list. We have never seen anything quite like these, and I doubt your friends have either.

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