The Story Behind the Card "Broken Pieces"

In this video I talk about creating this card, "Broken Pieces."

Special thanks to Shauna Neiquist, who graciously gave us permission to use this quote!

At the time I'm releasing this post, this card is still available. 

This is my first video like this. Tell me in the comments if you'd like to see more of these, or if you've sent this card before! 

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Wow! Seeing the process behind this card is amazing! Thank you for sharing Leah! Beautiful art!

Lois Baldwin

So sorry for your loss. Fascinating and inspiring watching your creative process. Thank YOU!


Wow- a very special and heartfelt story! I love the card and the meaning behind it. And I love how you walked us through the process. I love you!!!

Susan Fox

Hearing the story, and watching the art progress and bloom makes the card even more beautiful and meaningful. Thanks for putting this together! It’s fun to see the creative process, and hear your narration.

Liz H

Gaining insight into the thoughtful process behind this beautiful card intensifies its meaning so much.

Kathy Hope

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