The Story Behind the Card "Broken Pieces"

In this video I talk about creating this card, "Broken Pieces."

Special thanks to Shauna Neiquist, who graciously gave us permission to use this quote!

At the time I'm releasing this post, this card is still available. 

This is my first video like this. Tell me in the comments if you'd like to see more of these, or if you've sent this card before! 

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I love seeing the “behind the scenes” and how your work comes together. What a beautiful card.


I love the card and hearing the story!

Anna Marie

Love seeing this process and the inspiration for the creation of the card. Condolences on your loss and thank you for sharing!


Absolutely LOVE this video and would love more like this. I think this is a card that one needs to have on hand for those so very tender moments when one needs to be present and also accept there is no ability to “fix” a situation but being present can be so healing and comforting. Sometimes just allowing someone’s rawness to be seen is enough.

Meg McAlister

As always, your expressions in art, words, and now voice are incredibly beautiful. Thank you for your openness and vulnerability Leah. All your hard work is deeply appreciated.


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