National BRAVE Day

Probably our new favorite holiday :D

If Tiny and Snail had a day on the calendar that captured our mission, this would be THE DAY. 

Let me cut to the chase: 

National Brave Day is about women empowering women through small acts of support. 

"On the last Friday in September, National BRAVE Day honors women who lift each other up, rescue each other and make each other BRAVE.


"Sometimes just a flutter of encouragement comes in the form of timely guidance from another woman. Other times, groups of women provide the energy to coordinate thoughtful efforts for someone in need. Women empowering women.

"Despite varied experiences and backgrounds, women come together across generations to support each other. 

"These small tokens come in many forms. For example, a momentary reprieve over a cup of coffee during a hectic day makes all the difference. A well-written letter may change the course of a life*. 

"These small tokens strengthen a woman who may have undergone unspoken tragedy or struggles. The opportunities to empower sisters, friends, family, even a stranger are limitless. National BRAVE Day, seeks out tangible ways to encourage women to keep moving forward and to be BRAVE."

Article Link Here.

*Originally, the article said "a well-written letter of recommendation." However, why limit it to improving a career? A well-written letter from a friend may change the course of a life too!

The Tiny and Snail way to OBSERVE NATIONAL BRAVE DAY

There are many ways to lift up other women, but cards are one the easiest (and best!) ways to show up for people in your life. 

Text messages and emails aren't the same as a letter. Digital media overwhelms our lives right now. A card in the mail cuts through that noise. It is now a rare and magical experience to find an real card in your actual mailbox!

It was like we created this Courage Collection for BRAVE day years before we knew about it. Use this set to encourage 7 women in your life this month!

***WIN THIS COMPLETE SET! WRITE A COMMENT BELOW about who you are writing to this weekend to celebrate National BRAVE day. Details at the bottom of this post!**

Women you could write to & Celebrate National BRAVE day:

-a mom of young kids

-a mom of a teenager!

-someone who is physically suffering

-someone who is mentally or emotionally suffering

-someone who has experienced a large loss recently

-someone who has gone through a large loss years ago 

-as a Thank You to a woman who has been there for you when you needed them

-someone you admire for their bravery

Imagine if every person who reads this to write to at least one of the suggestions from this list. What wave of good we could do in the world.

Frida Kahlo was always pushing the boundaries in her life and art, all while fighting the horrific pain that she endured from a bus accident.

 Do you know anyone who burns brightly like that?

 I bet they'd LOVE to get this card from you!

People have used this card for when a loved one goes through a heart procedure, and we've had customers use this card for someone going through a divorce.

If you are really inspired by this post, consider getting yourself the "My Firefirely Kit." This kit includes 12 cards (6 of gratitude, 6 of sympathy and support) and monthly emails to encourage you to write a card. 

In Summary:

It's National BRAVE Day — Sept. 30th, 2022

Show up for women in your life who need some encouragement

Leave a comment below with who you are going to write to in honor of BRAVE day, and we will gift one of you with a complete set of the Courage Collection! (USA only, sorry!) 

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I’m actually in the middle of writing an artful envelope letter to a friend who recently left her career to start right at the bottom of a completely new profession. It was absolutely the right thing for her mental health but brave because it will impact her and her family financially. Plus it’s never easy to start again 20 years older than all the other newbies. I really hope she’ll appreciate some brightness in amongst the bills as she has absolutely done the same for us many times!


I want to write to a woman I know who went through medical school in the late 60’s/early 70’s while raising 4 kids. It’s the kind of thing we don’t think as much of now, but she was one of only two women in her class. I don’t think she intended to be a trailblazer, she was just following her passion.


I wrote to a young woman. She survied a suicide attempt and is now a mother of 2. She still has her bad days. I just sent her encouragement and reminded her how much I love her.


I wrote to my grandma! She just moved to skilled nursing and absolutely loves mail. It was a beautiful way to encourage her from afar!


I’ve been wanting to write to my six year old daughter and save it for her for the future. Now seems like the perfect time to get busy on it!


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