5 tips for writing a GREAT letter!

If you aren't super familiar with letter writing, it can seem a bit daunting to start. And even if you are quite familiar with writing letters, it's fun to have some ideas of what to say particularly if you are just starting up correspondence with a new person. 

Below are a few things that you can stick to as a basic outline for a great letter. Feel free to write what comes out naturally though! If the spirit moves you in a particular direction, I always see that as a sign that the person needs to hear about it. 

Grace holds an Instant Artful Envelope.

One last note: a while ago a customer reached out and told us that people will always remember things better if they see it in writing, which is why she never writes about negative things about people. I think this is a really smart thing to keep in mind. Conversely, you can use this to your advantage: tell them the good you see in them. They will remember that for a long, long time. 

Five tried-and-true methods that we use in our letter writing:

  1. How to start — Paint a picture!

    • A fun way to start your letter by saying where you are, what the weather is like, what you are drinking or the music you are listening to. Once you have a place to start, it always seems easier to keep writing more.

  2. Memory time! Tell them WHY

    • Tell them why you've been thinking about them, or why you thought of writing to them. Maybe share a memory of when you were together.

  3. Invite them in —Tell them about you

    • Share what you've been up to recently! Give details that paint a picture. I like to use letters as an opportunity to reflect on my life at the time. I also find that people are more likely to open up to you if you open up to them, and therefore strengthen your friendship. Which is a huge benefit of writing letters. Sometimes our deepest fears, hopes, and secrets find it easiest to come out in a letter. (Which is also very therapeutic!)

  1. Be curious about them

    • Ask what they have been up to recently.  If you need ideas, there are fun card decks and books about conversation topics. Sharing this way might be a really fun way to start a penpal relationship!

  1. A Bit of Fun! —Add Extras

    • Pop in a five dollar bill fo a coffee, print up photos to have on hand to pop into letters, have stamps waiting to  be used to make it easy to pop the letter in the mail. 
    • Decorate the envelope, or use an Instant Artful Envelope from us to make your mail really shine!

We created the Instant Artful Envelopes as a easy way to send pure joy and magic through the mail. The person receiving the letter will feel like Harry Potter opening his letter for Hogwarts! 😂  We have been using these for letters, and it makes it absolutely delightful, knowing that the recipient (and every postal worker) is going to flip when they see these! 

We've also found they are a really great size. It is a bit more space than you get in an A2 sized card (which most of ours are) but not an overwhelming amount of space to fill. (depending on your handwriting!) 

Even though I, Tiny, am artistic, when it comes to decorating envelopes, I don't have a whole lot of energy to put towards them. These feel just the right amount of crafty-ness really — you seal the sides with tape (I like clear packing tape for these) and by the time you pop it in the mail, you'll be giddy. 

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