Monthly Mail Art Magic Mini Course


Grace, a.k.a. Snail, has loved mail art for looooong time. I remember her addressing her wedding envelope ten years ago. They were gray envelopes containing a mustard yellow wedding invite. She used the "Love" stamp of the year, and then she surprised me, (in a great way!) by doing wildly loopy and large lettering with white paint pen. So fun and elegant—basically very Grace. (I wish we could find an old photo!) 

{FYI, this was YEARS before we would start Tiny and Snail!}

Over the years she has kept up the hobby of envelope making and decorating, and has learned a lot! In this mini-series she will give you the inside scoop on where to find vintage stamps and how to use them, calligraphy tips and ideas for you to make and decorate your own envelopes!  Enjoy a monthly email and a chance to do a hobby that will be fun, creative, non-screen time!    


 We've put together a mini-course for you. 12 emails that will send once a month, with ideas and instructions for making MAGICAL mail!!

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