Our Story

Hello there! We are so happy you found us!

Hi! We are Grace and Leah, sisters who both love creating illustrations that bring joy into this world.


As kids we competed against each other to see who could make the best art, and we hung it proudly on the pantry doors. 

Being a productive worker bee, Grace’s door was normally filled top to bottom with work, while Leah was a bit more self-conscious of her art, and her door was sparse but her drawings carefully executed.


At a certain point, Leah’s love for art took off and she ended up going to college to study oil painting. After graduating, she realized that illustration, animals, and tiny houses were more her thing.


Oh, the joyous coincidence that we both turned towards illustration!

Obviously it’s way more fun to create things with a teammate (and who better than a sibling?!) so in the Spring of 2016, Leah suggested that they work together to spread joy into the world. 

It was a perfect idea: Leah was filled with creativity and a passion for illustration and web design—but let’s be honest, finances and deadlines are not her forte. On the flip side, Grace is a fastidious record keeper and driven to have “best practices.” Unfortunately, her wrists suffer from carpel tunnel. She was running  a custom stationery shop on Etsy, where she sold individually handmade greeting cards. Her work was crippling her wrists. One day as we were having a sisterly chat, Leah suggested that we team up. “Let me be your hands, Grace! (And you can be my brain!)”  

The road hasn’t been easy. In August of 2018, Leah/Tiny was in a life altering accident while working construction for Habitat for Humanity (her “day job” while she was hustling at night and weekends to work on T & S). A forklift tipped over, crushing Leah underneath. Her spine was severed. In an instant, she was fighting for her life.

Leah is paralyzed from the armpits down and her right leg was amputated. One of the first questions she asked in the ICU when she could communicate was “Can I still draw?” Miraculously, yes. Tiny can still draw and paint. This company of ours has become more important to us than ever as its growth will mean that Leah can sustain herself as a full-time artist. We are truly sisters: both opinionated, but pretty much on the same page aesthetically. We butt heads occasionally, but in the end we know we are so much stronger as a team. As far as our art goes,


Our motto is: if it doesn’t make us laugh out loud, or ache with the beauty, go back to the drawing board. (Pun completely intended.) 


Illustrating unicorns, dogs, and flowers brings us so much joy. We want to help you package that joy and send it to make someone else’s mailbox a whole lot happier. We are obsessed with using the amazing, magical invention of the Postal Service to infuse love into people’s days. In an age of technology, snail mail isn’t just a novelty—it’s powerful. Seeing someone’s handwriting is such an intimate, beautiful thing these days. Being able to cherish their words. Being able to set a card on your desk and bring a smile to your face every time you see it. We believe that technology will never be as gosh darn magical as a paper card. Thanks for following our journey! Your support means the WORLD to us!


Why the name Tiny & Snail?

We searched high and low for a good name. Many a phone call was spent sharing our brainstorm lists with each other. Lots of charming names became contenders but the perfect name continued to elude us – until we discovered that our company name was directly under our noses, coming from the creative mind of a sweet 6 year-old named Ellie. Ellie lives in South Dakota and we’re friends with her family. One day while scrolling Instagram, Leah chanced upon a comic that Ellie had drawn for her dad titled Tiny & Snail. ZING! That was it! Leah had spent the past 2 years designing and building a tiny house and tiny studio. Grace has loved snail mail for an eternity. The name seemed perfect for our sister-sister company (and kind of sounds like a law firm which is extra hilarious and delightful). We reached out to Ellie and asked whether she would be willing to let us take her name into the stationery world and she graciously agreed. Ellie, it’s brilliant and we love your creativity! Here’s a picture of us with Ellie the extraordinary. She’s simply the best.


Leah, Ellie, and Grace

Ellie's comic that inspired our name

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Wonderful purchase!!

I find the cards inspiring, the sister's story more inspiring, and their other tips about how sending and writing cards can impact the lives of others as well as yourself! Lovely, lovely package. Buy these cards and use them liberally! You may be inspired to make some of your own!

Beautiful Card

Someone will love this card once it is sent to them. I loved my first order of cards from your company. It reminds me of a July 4th celebration.

Beautiful Card

Someone will love this card once it is sent to them. I loved my first order of cards from your company. I might just frame it and keep for myself..:-)

Beautiful Card

Someone will love this card once it is sent to them. I loved my first order of cards from your company.

Wonderful “Mother’s Day” card for everyday

Love this card—the artwork is just sweet and so gentle—the perfect card for a Busy “Young Mom” friend—doesn’t have to be “Mother’s Day” To give them love and support…love these cards—have been sending them out for over 6 months—the feedback from friends is always so positive.

Frida — Burn Bright
Cheryl M Bryson
Frieda is the best

My daughter and several friends love
Frieda—so I know this card will be loved and displayed on the fridge for a good long time after they receive it….these cards are just lovely, the card stock has a nice weight and the envelopes and seals are just classic…

Great card —fun, wonderful artwork

Love all of these cards and have been sending them out for over 6 months….This one made me laugh and contained such a wonderful “garden sense of humor” that I ordered a
a bundle—you can’t go wrong —all my snail mail friends love receiving these cards

Great cards

The artwork is beautiful and the cards are blank so you can write your own thoughts. The good thing is the size...not large enough for me to write something that might cause me to stick my foot in my mouth. Also large enough for me to write more than one line. I love to snail mail my neices and nephews for the joy it brings them.

The Essential 16
Simply amazing

I looked at this card set several times online. I finally bought them and am OBSESSED!! They are so unique, beautiful and are printed on wonderful paper.

These cards are amazing!!!

Iridescent Wings
Katherine Arroyo
Iridescent Wings

This card is gorgeous! I sent it to a dear friend and she could not stop telling me how lovely it is. It’s the perfect way to say thank you for being so kind.


I was so surprised to receive the beautiful welcome gift that came with my order. I expect to be ordering from your company as often as my retirement years allow me.


My niece sent me one of your cards. I write to friends almost everyday. I love the quality of your cards. The personal touch.

For my favorite Mommas

I love these cards. I have a number of young(er) friends who are incredible mothers, navigating challenging times and issues, providing enduring nurturing, love and guidance as they help their kids develop into compassionate, strong, curious, joyful, and kind young people and adults. I love sending these cards to the special moms in my life and remind them that I and others see them as the strong and giving mothers they are. Thank, Tiny and Snail, for creating such beautiful cards.

So cheerful!

As a word geek, I love the colorful, fun art as well as the clever alliteration. Think what you could do with an ostentation of peafowl, a parliament of owls, a caravan of camels, a prickle of porcupines, a parade of elephants, a tower of giraffes. Can't wait!!

Invincible Summer
Eileen M Grady
A beautiful message of hope and persistence

I work with a nonprofit that serves women in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. I used this quote on a bookmark I made for participants at our annual retreat last year to represent the hope we all need to keep going, especially when the task is daunting. I used a photo of a field of grasses in late summer taken by a friend that represented but your art work on this card is fantastic.

Light of All Lights
Eileen M Grady
Just what I needed!

I have some incredible friends who do amazing things for me and others. This is the perfect card to recognize one of them (should have bought more, DUH!). Commercial cards don't convey any depth in their message so I've been buying cards from companies like yours for years. The only problem is that sometimes I can't bear to part with the card! I know that's silly but, what can I say, I appreciate a good card.

Lifting Up the Courage of Those we Love

I am delighted with all of the cards I have received from Tiny and Snail! Each one is so inspiring, and this one is no different! I love thinking about how the card's message reflects what I love about the the person I'm sending it to. I remind myself of a memory or experience where their courage had an impact on me or someone else and then write about it in my note to them. Thank you for inspiring me to say out loud the important things to those who could use a reminder about their courage.

Perfect for a Young Gifted Artist

I am thrilled with these cards! They are a great way to spark creativity and interpretations with drawing, color and style. My great-niece loves "making art," as she calls it, especially painting. These will make a perfect gift for her, and I can't wait to see how she "makes art" with each of them. Since she lives far away, my only request will be that she "gift me" back with one of her finished paintings! I hope you will make more sets of these with new prints. Love them!!

The Essential 16
Katherine Arroyo
Essential? Without a doubt!

These cards are so lovely. I agree that each card is essential as I send my love across state lines and north and south. Genius products made with purpose and care. ❤️

Tiny & Snail awaken us to snail mail!

Sending cards with a beautiful message and lovely art is like sending a warm hug. Each time I send one I know I’m sending something that my friends will hang on the fridge to help them stay strong in tough times.

Look For The Light
Katherine Arroyo
Like my heart found words

Each of these cards were so lovingly created. I love sending cards, and I might be addicted to ordering from Tiny & Snail!

The Essential 16
My first order and we loved them

My first time ordering from Tiny and Snail and we were not disappointed. Great cards , love the sustainable approch. And we love supporting these ladies and small businesses everywhere! Five stars ⭐️

A Satisfying Purchase

The thing that lured me in to T&S was a sweet narrative I saw on some social media, about the deeper meaning and joy of handwritten correspondence. At age 71, I certainly hail from an era when we did such , so I decided to take a chance on this company. And myself: that I might actually DO some correspondence to encourage, to heal , to entertain. Wow. Glad I did . The kindness shines through , the product is nice to handle . Count me in !

Dandelion Birthday
Susan McParland

This card came in the birthday card box and I love it! Brings back those childhood memories of looking for a dandelion (I lived in the city where grass or a lawn was an anomaly) and making a hundred wishes and watching them fly up to heaven. Yes, that’s where we thought they went!

I got this card for a very good friend of mine who lost two brothers last year. When she received the card she texted me crying because she said it is the most unique card she has ever received . Note that the tears were not from sadness but from knowing that SHE is so cared for. Thank you for having just the right cards to bring a smile in that moment.