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Our Lady of the Moon

Our Lady of the Moon

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Our Lady of the Moon came to Leah when she spent a month and a half at an amazing religious retreat center up in Canada (Madonna House, in Combermere, ON). It was a place of extreme healing for her as she was making a major transition in her life in her late 20s. 

One day as her work group was processing walnuts, a fellow retreater described an experience of sleeping a night in a cornfield with "Mary's Moon" above, guarding him. 

Instantly she knew what he was talking about. 

Our mom has always loved the moon, and for Leah it symbolizes feminine brilliance and protection. Even in the dark of night, we can look to the moon, and know that we are loved and taken care of. 

This icon of Mary is one of the artworks that has simply used Leah's hands as a way to come into the world. 

We hope that it will bring comfort and guidance to whomever needs a gentle reminder. 

The back of this lovely card includes a handlettered prayer of protection: "Our Lady of the Moon, watch over us in times of darkness, and cloak us with your gentle mantle. Amen."


    -printed on heavy, eggshell stock
    -4.25″ x 5.5″ 
    -comes with super nice kraft envelope and cute envelope seal
    -blank inside for space to express yourself
    -made in the U.S.A.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Elizabeth S.
    This card is gorgeous!!

    I love this card and I hope it stays available. It is stunning!!

    Gretchen Gardner
    Wide range of comfort

    This card has been a cornerstone for my sympathy card options. It gives the recipient vast comfort with the image which feels like it is pulling you in for a hug and through the quote on the back which supports that feeling in its cloak. Truly a special card.

    Amy McInnis
    Our Lady of the Moon

    I absolutely love this card. I even purchased a print (framed in red wood) for my office. It is such a focal point in my counseling space, and I love the message it imparts. It is stunning. This card is perfect for so many people for various occasions.